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Quality and Sustainability

Our company operates respecting the highest quality standards.
We are committed to environmental sustainability and social ethics, which are a fundamental part of our company's strategy. The creation of the new Sustainability Division, led by a Manager with proven experience in the field of Safety, Health and the Environment, and the constant and important investments in this sense ratify this commitment and consolidate it over time.
List of certifications obtained:

Sistema di gestione qualità certificato UNI EN ISO 9000 : 2015
Certified Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9000 : 2015
Sistema di gestione ambientale certificato  UNI EN ISO 14001 : 2015
Certified Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001 : 2015
Codice conciario di condotta UNIC
UNIC Social Accountability

Certificato Green Energy

Certificate Green Energy

Chiorino Technology in pursuing the values of sustainable development, environmental protection, quality and continuous improvement, relies on electricity suppliers produced exclusively from renewable sources

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Code of Conduct

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Integrated Quality, Envirnment
and Social Responsability

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