CHIORINO Technology S.p.A. | fibercuir | microtech | dermahtech
Trade fair Presence
of the next semester
APLF / Honk Kong / 13-15 marzo 2019


Based in Biella, Chiorino Technology S.p.A is a long-established company operating in the leather-finishing sector, mainly for the luxury leather goods and footwear industries. The company was founded in the early 1980s by Lorenzo Chiorino with the name of “Conceria Chiorino” to then become Chiorino Technology in 2011, increasingly attentive to the use of sophisticated technologies, innovation and creative research.

In March 2018, Chiorino Technology was acquired by Arcadia SGR S.p.A, an independent assets management company, specialized in capital investments for unlisted small to medium-sized Italian companies, with the appointment of Marco Toscano as the new Managing Director.
The company’s success is based on a rooted combination of a long-lasting tanning tradition with technological innovation: a winning synergy which allows offering the desired solution to world-class customers.