We develop even your most visionary bespoke projects

Craftsmanship and industrial focus

We work the leather emphasizing its natural beauty, making it the ideal base for creating outstanding products. We make designers’ visions a reality, offering them a unique, tailor-made and sensorial medium of extraordinary quality.

Innovation and specialisation

We put technology and savoir-faire first to create new and high-performance solutions. We turn challenges into opportunities and never stop imagining the future by developing techniques that allow us to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Sustainable development is one of the company’s main strategic priorities, a founding value as well as a responsibility. We promote change by choosing every day to be an active part of environmental protection and by making excellence our standard.

Areas of application of our products


Love for leather is part of our story.

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Unique and tailored leathers that make the difference.

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All kinds of finishes, fine details, full personalisation.

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Finished leathers for every specific application request.

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Our vision

  • We know how to combine tanning tradition and technological know-how to envisage the future. Thanks to this, we offer our customers solutions that enable them to produce valued products. We have never stopped investing in innovation and development and have chosen, for years now, to operate with production processes and protocols aimed at adopting sustainable and ethical practices. They are a top priority for us.

    Marco Toscano
  • We are able to create valuable, resistant, incredibly customizable leathers that also allow you to save on production, thanks to extraordinary cutting yields. We do what no one had ever done thanks to an innovative approach, combined with our proprietary finishing technology, sustainable and safe over time.

    Direttore Commerciale

Career & Jobs

We are always looking for highly qualified people.

We nurture talent, encourage individual development, and reward professionalism. All this ensures business success and adds value to people’s individual careers.