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Sustainability for Chiorino Technology

Sustainability is at the heart of the company’s development and growth strategy and an integral part of our daily operations. Providing a product of excellence, high performance and reduced environmental impact is a priority objective for us.

To do this, we take care of every detail: from the selection of raw materials to the monitoring of all production processes, respecting the health and safety of our staff and our surroundings.

For the product

Quality and reliability of our product are guaranteed in all stages of its life cycle:


The flexibility guaranteed by our proprietary know-how allows us to choose chrome-free or metal-free leathers, on bovine split and grain or on calfskin, and to offer solutions with 100% vegetable-tanned leathers, thanks to the innovative Chiorino Technology process, for which an international patent application has been filed.

Chiorino Technology’s chrome-free and metal-free leathers are classified in accordance with UNI EN 15987, and monitored according to the methodological standards of ISO 17072-2: 2017, to guarantee their quality.


Chiorino Technology was founded more than forty years ago and today it represents the State of the Art of a discipline made of study, research, elegance and passion for leather and the environment.

The products are finished with care, adapting the processes to the nature of the leather and selecting the raw materials with the aim of enhancing the sustainability of the desired solution.

The company’s laboratories have designed and developed solvent-free processes, 100% water-based formulations and finishes based on raw materials from certified renewable sources, constantly raising the level of attention that Chiorino Technology pays to safeguarding the environment.


Chiorino Technology has installed the most modern systems for managing and reducing emissions deriving from its production activity.

The constant commitment to minimizing the environmental impact and aimed at the essential compliance with all mandatory requirements was recognized by the Biella Province Services Committee with the release in 2018 of the Integrated Environmental Authorization.

In the last three years Chiorino Technology has invested over 12% of its turnover in activities and machinery dedicated to environmental protection.

For maximum transparency of its activities to protect the environment, the company has installed a continuous exhaust control system directly connected to the offices of the Regional Agency for Environment

Circular Economy

Chiorino Technology devotes great attention to the management of waste generated along the entire production cycle, both by identifying each category, and by managing and assigning the different EWC codes to accredited and nationally recognised companies, and by carefully monitoring the quantities generated, with the aim of reducing the relative volume produced.

The company operates sorting and differential management for numerous EWC codes to promote the circular economy.

Chiorino Technology is committed to significant projects in the area of circular economy, with real investments and the direct involvement of top-level management.


An ongoing commitment


limate change is one of the great challenges of our time, requiring a collective effort to limit the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

CHIORINO TECHNOLOGY has chosen to quantify the impacts of its products in terms of Carbon Footprint in order to effectively set up additional environmental responsibility strategies and to credibly communicate the results achieved to the market and stakeholders.

Thanks to an LCA (Environmental Life Cycle Assessment) analysis of the entire life cycle of our product, Chiorino Technology will calculate and monitor the main indicators of environmental impact, from cradle to grave, in order to optimize production processes and strategic technical choices, adopting the most sustainable and circular solutions.