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Chiorino Technology is a company that for 40 years has been producing and exporting technology and innovation of the highest level all over the world. From the beginnings at local level, up to today’s global dimensions, it produces quality leather for the world of luxury, footwear and leather goods, as well as small leather goods, giftware and furnishing accessories. Chiorino Technology operates in an innovative manner, constantly introducing new materials and technologies in a challenging and constantly evolving sector such as fashion and luxury, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Social responsibility

Chiorino Technology considers any discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious belief or disability to be unacceptable    and has pledged to sanction any violation of this corporate cornerstone.

The company is formally committed to operating according to principles of loyalty, fairness and transparency towards all stakeholders, respecting the collective labour agreement (CLA), the Workers’ Statute and promoting their freedom of association.

We have certified our activity to guarantee health and safety in the workplace and we require our suppliers to share the principles of the Code of Conduct we have adopted.

Where we come from

From Lorenzo Chiorino’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the world of leather, the company was founded in the district of Biella in the early 1980s.      From a small local business, the company has evolved and broadened its horizons, growing and establishing itself first nationally, then worldwide.

In 2011, the company became “Chiorino Technology” to emphasize its identity through the name alone. Technology communicates the DNA of the company which bases itself on innovation and continuous research and development of new and sustainable applications, artfully perpetuating its role in the world of high-end tanning.

In March 2018, Chiorino Technology was acquired by Arcadia SGR S.p.A, an independent asset management company specializing in investments in the capital of small to medium-sized Italian companies. The tanning tradition, in synergy with the visionary strategies of the new management, make the company even more solid and capable of designing, producing and selling excellent quality leathers in many different areas of application.

Where do we want to go


sustainability and innovation are the three imperatives of Chiorino Technology which, thanks to significant investments, has become a benchmark for the major players in the fashion industry, producing leathers with unique characteristics that are increasingly focused on excellence.

Chiorino Technology’s fundamental principle is sustainable development that goes beyond compliance with standards, a challenge for the future that is already part of the present of the company that operates according to the principles of social and environmental responsibility.

The driving force behind the Group’s success and the guarantee of its future lies in its vision and in the technology applied to the production of leathers with new characteristics, always in step with market demands. “Chiorino Technology’s mission is to be the practical answer, the solution, the first choice for those who pursue excellence.


Code of Ethics and Integrated Company Policy